Cosmos Moka
Nairobi, Kenya

I great you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. It's my pleasure to write to you today and give you my testimony since God connected us together as father and son in Christ on 30th April 2016 8.30am at New Stanley hotel in Nairobi Kenya.

I must admit that surely it was a God ordained relation God started for us. Since 30th April, GOD has done a lot to me and my business, favour has been following me in all areas of my life and business.

On the 20th of may 2016 I receive goods from Germany, my long time suppliersent me a 20fit container Of second hand clothes, he came on 23rd may 2016 because I requested him to come as we wear starting up again after one year break. I had a feeling in my spirit to tell him that I have forgiven him for anything that he might have wronged me in the past And in turn I also asked him to forgive me and open his heart to me. Surprisingly he told me that he will tell me something on Friday of 27th may the same week before he returns back to turkey. He is a Turkish born but leaving in Germany. come on Friday at around 3pm in the afternoon as we wear leaving my office to drop him to the hotel he told me to open my hands, both hands as we entered in my car, he confessed to me that he went to the witch in turkey so that my business will never flourish, and that when I get money to my business just get lost out of my hand. He told me that in turkey they tighten a statue in form of a person a button shirt on the neck, then speak words of witchcraft to destroy someone's business, or to cause failures in someone's life. when I asked him why he did this to me or what have i done, he said that he felt jealous that he was supplying to me and my life was good while he was suffering. He had developed my sickness, he had no peace in his life and so on. His life was getting worse every time that's why he confessed this wickedness so that i can forgive him. I told him that now his life will change because am a man of God and his evil deeds are the ones which were causing his suffering. My business has now open up, I received new suppliers from Taiwan, I received one container already and signed an agreement of three containers a month. Two of second hand shoes and one of second hand clothes, plus I agreed with him to send me one container of shoes from Germany per every month. On 4th June God gave me a spiritual son in voi Kenya 200km from Mombasa city where I stay and God gave us money to secure A plot of 100 fit square where I together with the director Mr Ben Ambani we dedicated the plot for the church under RFI.

This Voi Pasta Godrick Mwamburi joined Eldoret Bible College on 13th June 2016 for diploma under my sponsorship as my spiritual son. As you prophesised to me that God has deposited millions on my head, I thank God because God gave me the assignment of giving the word of God, the bibles to whoever is need and He told me that He is going to give me the money to buy the bibles of which am doing.

Truly God bless you and am really getting inspired by the books you sent. This is a God ordained relationship as you told me.


Triston Edgerton
Asheville, NC

Greetings Dr. John, I am pleased to say that your book "Put On Your Gloves" has been an absolute blessing to myself and my family. I remember taking the act of faith and getting married. God truly does bless a Holy bond between man and woman. In your book chapter 5 has really stood out to me. It has helped me with the supernatural understanding of the love for my wife and family. I want to say thanks for being a blessing to the dying world that shall and will be revived through spoken words of life you speak. Thanks again and continue to be blessed always!

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Pastor Siang Hup
Knoxville Myanmar Christian Fellowship
Knoxville, Tennessee

I was given Dr. John Polis' book How To Produce Abundance as a gift. It is a gift that I will treasure. It opened my eyes and awakened me to the fact that God's divine plan for me is an abundant life. The practical applications in the book really serve as an encouragement. Not only did I read the book but have preached the information in the book to my congregation. They too have testified of being awakened to planting the seeds that produce abundance. I intend to continue using this book as a resource for future teaching and preaching not only to my congregation but to other churches that I minister to. Very practical. Very helpful. Very eye-opening. An excellent biblically based resource.

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Mrs. Cole
RFI Liberia

We are very greatful to God for saving our lives; finally we are free from the dirty virus disease Ebola. WHO announced and declared Liberia Ebola free on Saturday May 9, 2015. We give praises to God first and to you Dr. John for your support, Liberians are celebrating freedom all over the nation on Sunday. The church organization called the Liberia Council of Churches to declare a special Thanksgiving Service throughout the country, then on Monday the government declare holiday to be observe all over Liberia.

This Ebola virus has cause lots of setback in our Nation for almost a year and a half. Business were closed down, people jobs were taken away from them, this virus caused other communities to be quarantined by the government, people could not travel outside the country while other nations could not accept Liberians in the their country and the worst of all 4,000 lives were taken away by the virus.

Thank God for our general overseer and President Dr. John who made it possible for other communities and its surroundings and other counties to receive some protective items and Gospel tracks that help them through the Ebola Crisis. We also give thanks to God for our entire Faithful giver in the ministry that made it possible for us through their offering and tithes. We pray for God continue provision for you in this Kingdom works. Thank you again God Bless You.

TMKI Broadcasting

I have known Drs. John & Rebecca for over 23 years. We are not just ministry related, but also personally connected to the point of their children calling me Uncle Nick. I must state that in all of my traveling, nationally and internationally, I have never met anyone with a level of true spiritual parenting that they walk in. They can truly be trusted to help men and women of God reach their fullness in life. I have watched them bring ministries to West Virginia at their own expense. Why? Because they seen something that would help the Kingdom of God and wanted to share it with other church leaders. I count it an honor to be part of this family.

Brighter Day Church
Campus Pastors

We are so blessed to be part of Revival Fellowship International. Our spiritual parents (Dr. John & Dr. Rebecca) have imparted wisdom and knowledge into us so that we are able to impart to our church family as well as the unchurched that we encounter. It is not about being in an organization (RFI) but it is being a part of loving family who really cares.

Faith Church International

RFI means so very much to me. It is a ministry that raises up leaders as sons and daughters. I've had the privilege of being in relationship with Dr John and Dr Rebecca since 1993. They are true parents in the faith and RFI has helped me grow in leading and in relationship with others, which brings strength to the body of Christ. Since becoming an RFI affiliate in 2011, my spiritual growth, as well as leading others has impacted me greatly.

Morgantown Faith Center

Revival Fellowship International is an extension of our Apostles, Dr. John and Rebecca Polis. Having been with them for over 28 years, we can not separate one from the other.  RFI has emphasized relationship and we have benefited from those relationships both spiritually and emotionally. Under RFI's apostolic covering, we have gleaned much from others and have also found that we are not alone in our endeavor to serve Christ, lead people and grow in our faith. Through RFI, we have connected with other ministries and ministers that have challenged us, fed us and imparted spiritual gifting in to our lives. Our connection with RFI introduced us to the mission field and the 5-fold ministry truths of the Bible in a greater way. We are grateful for the covering and growth RFI has afforded us.  We look forward to what the Lord has in store for us as we stand together with Revival Fellowship International.

New Life Church

RFI is family to us.  Dr. John and Dr. Rebecca have become our beloved spiritual parents. We so look forward to the annual conference and other events throughout the year when we get to connect with and spend time with the RFI family. Since we, and our church, have joined RFI, we have grown tremendously--both numerically and spiritually.  We get much encouragement and knowledge which enable us to be better pastors and have a more fruitful ministry. Thank you, Dr. John and Dr. Rebecca and all of our RFI family! We love and honor you.

RESTORE! Ministries & Living Waters Fellowship

A Foundation of Faith that has encouraged us, corrected us, challenged us, and equipped us to 'fight the good fight of faith' in love, perseverance, and power. A Family of Faith that has supported us in every circumstance.

Faith Church International

So Blessed to have a covering of an Apostle with the Heart of The Father. Wisdom and Revelation is the hand print extending from RFI. I am thankful.