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Do you desire to get a Bible College education with an accredited degree? Something affordable, something local, but yet something of high quality? In Restoration College International you can earn an Associates in Bible Studies, a BA or MA of Theology, or even a MA in Strategic Leadership.

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Remember Dr. Lois Burkett

Dr. Lois Burkett, President and Founder of New Creation Ministries International, has passed into Glory today. Dr. Lois fought a good fight, kept the faith, and finished her course as the true General of the Spirit that she was. Dr. Lois touched thousands of lives, both leaders and church members alike, with her more than 40 years of international travel. She was a frequent guest on

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Dr. John is senior pastor of FCI in Fairmont, WV. The Faith Church app is updated weekly with messages from the Sunday morning serices, and the Faith For Today TV Broadcast with Drs. John and Rebecca Polis.

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Prophecy Update

Dr. John Polis has operated as a prophetic voice to the Church for over 30 years and has seen numerous visions that are coming to pass. You will hear about Nuclear bombs, the Present Storm, why Apostles must lead, and more. Holy Spirit always brings the "news before it happens."

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The Elijah Anointing with Dr. John Polis

Get a fresh touch of The Eljiah Anointing on this recent message by Dr. John Polis while in Africa.

Six Characteristics Of The Father's House

View this special message preached by Dr. John Polis while at Dr. Joe Kayo's Church in Nairobi - Christian Family Center.