Church/Ministry Application

Letter from Dr. John Polis

Revival Fellowship International, Inc.

Dear Brother and Sister in Christ,

Thank you for you interest in RFI. We are delighted to be of service to you as God directs. Revival is in the land and we desire to assist all those whom God is using to bring in the end time harvest.

If you decide to apply for any category of affiliation, please complete the application(s) according to the procedural information therein and return completed forms, references, and appropriate fee(s) to expedite processing. For the best results, RFI requires that all Pastors who affiliate churches with RFI must also hold credentials
with RFI.

May God richly bless you in all your endeavors to fulfill the Great Commission and in your personal life and family.

Sincerely in Christ,

Dr. John Polis
President, RFI

Application for Church/Ministry Affiliation

Procedure Information

Group A. Spiritual Covering
This group is for those NOT applying for 501c3 Group Exemption Status.
  1. Fill out application form completely and pay $200.00 fee.
  2. Please include a copy of By-Laws and Constitution with your application (If your Ministry doesn’t have a Constitution, our office can supply generic copies.)
  3. Read carefully the Financial Participation section in affiliation packet.
  4. Charter will be issued only after all the above is received in our office.

Group B. Spiritual Covering AND group Exemption Status
  1. Same as Group A.
  2. Copy of Employee Identification Number obtained from IRS. The SS-4 form can be downloaded at, or obtained from local IRS office. Call 1-877-829-5550 for information.
  3. A physical address for your office or church. PO Box is not acceptable.
  4. Letter from your Ministry on letterhead with the name, address, and position of authorizing officer indicating the Ministry is to be placed under the Group Exemption of RFI.

Note: Charter of Affiliation is for Church/Ministry and is not the same as License/Ordination for Ministries.

Application Fee

After submitting this application please click on the button below to pay your application fee

FEE: Church/Ministry Charter of Affiliation $200 per year.
All fees renewable by January 31st of the following year.

All Ordained Ministers, Affiliated Churches and Ministries are required to Tithe. It is best to Tithe with regularity on a monthly basis so that the blessing of the Tithe may flow without interruption.

If there are questions regarding the Doctrine of Tithing (one tenth of increase), please discuss these matters before accepting affiliation. We believe that Tithing is an act of Faith and Honor that positions a person or ministry for the promised blessings of Malachi 3:8-10.