Revival Fellowship International

Revival Fellowship is called to preach and teach RESTORATION THEOLOGY to the Body of Christ, presenting "every man complete in Christ." This is being done through meetings, conferences, publications, media and Bible colleges here and abroad.

A second apostolic responsibility of RFI is in the raising up of a new generation of spiritual leaders as "spiritual sons and daughters" who will lead restoration revival as it continues to the coming of Christ. We offer a credentialing process that brings people into covenant relationships that are necessary for impartation to take place.

The Elijah anointing has been imparted to RFI and is the generational inheritance given to those in covenant connection with the movement. Those apostolic leaders with an Elijah anointing are the true spiritual fathers of today's church. By running with this vision, RFI is fulfilling the prophecy of restoration in Acts 3:19-21..."Heaven must retain Him until the restoration of all things."