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RFI Family Gathering - Thursday

RFI Family Gathering - Friday

Interview with Ap. Mark Kauffman

Interview with Dr. Jay Grimstead

Dr Jay Grimstead, founder of Coalition on Revival and co-author of Rebuilding Civilization On The Bible, joined ICAL member John Polis for a Minister's Retreat in North Carolina and Pastor's Luncheon in West Virginia where the discussion focused on the future of America and having a Biblical world view.

The Condition of American and the Nations

Interview with Dr. John Polis

You Can Have Great Faith

As followers of Christ we have the potential for GREAT FAITH, we can believe God in the middle of what may seem like impossible situations. In this message you will learn about 4 keys to having GREAT FAITH.

Characteristics Of The Last Days

View Dr. John's message called Characteristics Of The Last Days.

Perilous Times

View Dr. John's message called Perilous Times that he preached at Faith Church International in Fairmont, WV.

Prophecy Update

Dr. John Polis has operated as a prophetic voice to the Church for over 30 years and has seen numerous visions that are coming to pass. You will hear about Nuclear bombs, the Present Storm, why Apostles must lead, and more. Holy Spirit always brings the "news before it happens."

Testimony of Healing

View this testimony by Rena Perozich of how she was healed of a curved spine after being prayed for by Dr. John Polis at a Hear and Be Healed Crusade.

The Elijah Anointing

Get a fresh touch of The Eljiah Anointing on this recent message by Dr. John Polis while in Africa.

Six Characteristics

View this special message preached by Dr. John Polis while at Dr. Joe Kayo's Church in Nairobi - Christian Family Center.

Developing Others

Pastors shouldn't be a do it all minister, but be a developer of other doers.

God Fathers

“The Role Of Fathers”. God is a Father, born again people are His children. Learn how God Fathers His Family and follow the example.